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Luxe in the rough: Genuine beauty

Looking for that magical unicorn lip color, LipSense® ? The one you heard lasts up to 18 hours but doesn’t dry out your lips?

Look no further. All of our SeneGence®  products are completely UNMATCHED in quality. 

Our skincare & cosmetics are utterly revolutionary thanks to our patented product formulations that feature the one & only SenePlex Complex® Anti-Aging ingredients.

Melissa Aulds Blog Luxe in the Rough
#SheBosses Melissa Aulds

Luxe in the rough life

Pull back the curtains & see beyond the "Instagram-able" side of life! The blog is full of everything from parenting mishaps & fun recipes to hair tutorials, product reviews & reflections on the deeper side of life.


Do you need community? Other chicks who get it? 

Other women who are juggling multiple roles and building empires in between loads of laundry or on their lunch break at their day job or on their phone at night with the screen dimmed so they don’t wake their husband? 
Others who’s days are jam packed with more than they can possibly do, but it’s with things that are really hard to explain to the friends who are a little more normal?

Yeah. Us too.

Do you crave connection with busy people who are real & don't pretend everything is pretty all the time, have a ton of extra time for fluff or speak in Old King James? 
(I mean, not that I'm hating. If that's thou's jam, rocketh on.)

If that is you then join us for our FB live video devotionals on Tuesdays at 11 AM-ish on the Page, & then join the discussion in our private facebook community. You can even subscribe to get notifications right through FB Messenger! How nifty is that?


Become a distributor

Make more money working from home. Set your own schedule, be your own boss, and live the life you dream of.

Join the ONLY team that gets you:

  • Access to the exclusive Team SeneLuxe Only sections of the resource & training site,
  •  Incredible support via private groups for Team SeneLuxe.
  • Mentorship from me- the distributor specifically chosen by SeneGence Corporate to lead my state because of my proven track record as both the leader of a multi-million dollar team & a trainer who has spent hundreds of hours developing training videos 7 sites used company wide. 

I've earned a company reimbursed (& fully loaded!) car, more than doubled our family's income, and earned trips all over the world and my biggest passion is helping other women achieve the same!

You can do this & I'll be right beside you every step of the way!