Luxe in the Rough Collective

Love like you mean it.



Luxe Jewelry is where it all began for me. Back in 2013 I began experimenting with making jewelry out of precious metals and raw gemstones and I fell in love. I have always expressed myself creatively, but for the first time I found a medium that I never tired of. The more jewelry I created, the more inspired to create I became. Luxe in the Rough, in it's first form, was born. Fashioned by hand with 14k Gold Fill and raw gemstones, feathers, hand collected shells and more, most pieces are completely one of a kind and all are extremely limited in availability.

 Luxe in the Rough Jewelry is currently on hiatus, but it will be re-launched in 2017

Make Up: Heather Spivey;  Portfolio Photography: Jenna Day